Path to cyber resilience: Sense, Resist, And React

Cyber security

With the wide adoption of internet for varied applications/programs across the government and enterprise bodies, the online data is exposed to high cyber risk, which has led to increased awareness for cybersecurity. Ongoing adoption of digital technologies, increasing focus on e-governance and recent events such as demonetization drive have compelled the organizations to revisit their cybersecurity measures.

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Is SAM among the top 10 risks that an organization faces?

Organizations spend considerable time, effort and cost in identifying, assessing and controlling risks to their business and earnings. Risks could stem from several sources — both internal and external — and include natural disasters, socio-political environment, or business strategy, people, processes and information security. The range is wide.

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Software License compliance: simple arithmetic or much more?

What can and probably will affect your software licensing process?

The general impression about license compliance is that it’s just a game of numbers — “We have installed five licenses of ’X’ software and procured three, so let’s buy two more.” However, licensing involves many more complexities, such as ambiguous clauses and metric definitions which CIOs and CTOs should be aware of.

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