Center of Excellence and robust governance: Mantra for successful RPA adoption

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), one of the most talked about disruptive technologies today, involves the use of software ‘bots’ that are easy to configure, require minimal to no code and can be quickly ‘trained’ and deployed, scaled to automate manual tasks. Their adoption is on a rise across all business functions providing them access to relevant processes and sensitive information.

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Contract lifecycle management: Are you on the right track?

What are we seeing in the market?

Organizations have started realizing the value of establishing an effective contract management framework. The board of directors and CXOs recognize the direct impact of effective contract management on improving the bottom line and building strong relationships with customers and vendors.

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Market valuations and corporate governance – is there any linkage?

In current day and time when PE multiples are defying stock market logic and valuations commanded by certain start-ups are making traditional businesses look unattractive; any conversation around corporate governance with these new billionaires is seen with obvious skepticism of “what will change if the principles of corporate governance are stringently followed – since, we already doing so well?”

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Are you geared up for the IoT revolution?

The Internet of Things (IoT) overtook big data as the most hyped technology in 2014. Experts predict that IoT will be a potent and leading business technology-enabler of the next decade. According to an independent research firm, technology and services revenue from IoT is expected to expand from US$1.3 trillion in 2013 to US$3.04 trillion in 2020 with a compound annual growth rate of 13%.

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Can robots replace humans?

Robotic process automation can reduce the need for people to perform high-volume IT support, remote infrastructure and back-office processes

The manufacturing and automotive industries were the pioneers of process automation. In these sectors, automation has transformed the shop floor and assembly line. Now automation is transforming the outsourcing sector and creating new business models. Robotic process automation (RPA) also referred to as rapid automation (RA) has gradually been gaining momentum in the market since 2012. Historically, players in the outsourcing market built a multi-billion industry by relying on cost and labour arbitrage to capture work. However, this is about to change with the emergence of RPA.

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Internal Audit : Harnessing the power of analytics

Heard of the famous quote “In God we trust, all others must bring data” by William Edwards Deming? Today is a data driven world. Organizations across the world are accumulating large volumes of data over the years, which can be used effectively  to derive business insights. The power of analytics has transformed the way we do Internal Audit today.

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