Are you geared up for the IoT revolution?

The Internet of Things (IoT) overtook big data as the most hyped technology in 2014. Experts predict that IoT will be a potent and leading business technology-enabler of the next decade. According to an independent research firm, technology and services revenue from IoT is expected to expand from US$1.3 trillion in 2013 to US$3.04 trillion … More Are you geared up for the IoT revolution?

Digital to attract more than 25% of the IT budgets

Digital growth in India has shown a tremendous spur among organizations and has significantly impacted the consumers, services in the market. Our annual Enterprise IT Trends and Investments Survey titled SMAC 3.0: Digital is Here covers the journey of the Social, Media, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC), areas that have been the latest buzzwords among IT strategists. … More Digital to attract more than 25% of the IT budgets

Analytics — an option or a necessity?

“Everything is connected to everything else — if only indirectly — and this is reflected in data.” – Eric Siegel, Writer Have you wondered how the super cyclone that wrought havoc in Orissa in 1999 was different from HudHud, which recently hit coastal Andhra Pradesh? Officially recorded casualties caused by HudHud were 100, compared to … More Analytics — an option or a necessity?

Can robots replace humans?

Robotic process automation can reduce the need for people to perform high-volume IT support, remote infrastructure and back-office processes The manufacturing and automotive industries were the pioneers of process automation. In these sectors, automation has transformed the shop floor and assembly line. Now automation is transforming the outsourcing sector and creating new business models. Robotic … More Can robots replace humans?