Contract lifecycle management: Are you on the right track?

What are we seeing in the market?

Organizations have started realizing the value of establishing an effective contract management framework. The board of directors and CXOs recognize the direct impact of effective contract management on improving the bottom line and building strong relationships with customers and vendors.

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India – Ground zero for entrepreneurship and innovation

Every day, there is a story or two on e-commerce startups. The regularity of the stories would lead most to believe that India has made its mark on the world’s entrepreneurship landscape. This can be analysed by seeking answers to two key questions:

  • Is entrepreneurship thriving in India?
  • Is entrepreneurship sustainable in India?

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Implementing Analytics to deliver Internal Audit

“I do not believe you can do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow,” Nelson Jackson, automobile pioneer

The availability of large volumes of data is changing the way organizations look at most of their business processes and functions. In the context of internal audit (IA) also, new ways are coming up to utilize the power of analytics. To stay competent and ahead of the curve, the organizations should ask themselves the following questions — Is their organization still relying on traditional methods for its IA process? Does their IA methodology incorporate analytics? If yes, to what extent?

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Leveraging Digital India for sustainable development

The Government of India aims to transform the country into an ‘India of Tomorrow’, one that is both socially and economically empowered. To enable such transformation, factors such as (i) a sharp focus on sustainable and inclusive growth to drive job creation and enhance economic activity, (ii) social safety nets to protect the socio-economically marginalised, and (iii) social inclusion to ensure equal access for all to education, health, employment and other services are rudimentary imperatives.

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