Outsourcing Security – Are you doing it right?

In today’s connected world, there are just two kinds of organizations – those that have been compromised and those that don’t know that they have been compromised.  Over the last few years, the threat landscape has changed significantly as both the volume, sophistication of attacks have increased.

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Innovation portfolio management — an imperative for product innovation excellence

Advancing technology, global competitive pressures and dynamic market expectations have made businesses realize that their sustainability depends on their ability to innovate. Although innovation flourishes in nearly every small and big organization, most of it is still done in isolation and is sometimes not even linked to the company’s strategy. Research elucidates that not all innovations are successful. The issue does not lie in innovating per se but arises from “how” companies manage their innovation process.

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Why go digital?

Digital can provide the mass marketing effect of television, the personal connect of a door-to-door salesman and the responsiveness of a front office. It is much more than just technology as it has the power to transform customer experiences, establish demand for products and services, and enable collaboration. In this blog post read about how continuous innovation and digital explosion can help create quality business models and offer better experiences. Continue reading

A more open approach to innovation

ATOMES-2True to the spirit of the democratic ethos trickling down to the very grassroots of our societies globally, innovation is becoming increasingly democratic today. Companies have begun to realize that the best ideas do not necessarily only originate within the four walls.   Ram Sarvepalli, Leader- Advisory Services, India, Partner- Emerging Markets Center shares his viewpoints on a more open approach to innovation.

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Innovation procurement and value creation

Back view of young man framing picture with fingersInnovation has become a buzzword for companies worldwide. Mention the word ‘innovation’ and most people begin envisioning extraordinary inventions created by solitary geniuses. Simply put, innovation is about unique ideas and/or knowledge that can be translated into new, usable products and services. This requires a great understanding of the need gap towards which the innovation is targeted. In this blog post, Ram Sarvepalli, Partner & Deputy Leader, Advisory Services, EY examines the benefits and value that a proactive approach to innovation procurement can bring to the table.

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