Five trends shaping the business world of Emerging Markets (EMs)

Ram Sarvepalli, Leader- Advisory Services, India and Partner – Emerging Markets Center, shares upcoming trends in Emerging Markets (EMs) and how companies can grow in the changing business environment. At the beginning of the 21st century, Emerging Markets were positioned as shining stars, driven by buoyant global trade and easy financing. However, their fate has … More Five trends shaping the business world of Emerging Markets (EMs)

A more open approach to innovation

True to the spirit of the democratic ethos trickling down to the very grassroots of our societies globally, innovation is becoming increasingly democratic today. Companies have begun to realize that the best ideas do not necessarily only originate within the four walls.   Ram Sarvepalli, Leader- Advisory Services, India, Partner- Emerging Markets Center shares his viewpoints on a … More A more open approach to innovation

Innovation procurement and value creation

Innovation has become a buzzword for companies worldwide. Mention the word ‘innovation’ and most people begin envisioning extraordinary inventions created by solitary geniuses. Simply put, innovation is about unique ideas and/or knowledge that can be translated into new, usable products and services. This requires a great understanding of the need gap towards which the innovation is targeted. … More Innovation procurement and value creation

Driving businesses through digital transformation

Digital evolution across the globe has offered a huge scope for improving business processes, customer and client engagement. Did we ever imagine that we would be able to pay our electricity bills through mobile or influence the entire spectrum of business activity through Social Media. In this blog post Ram Sarvepalli, Partner & Deputy Leader, Advisory Services, EY … More Driving businesses through digital transformation