The value in sustainability

Sustainability is a tool for innovation in identifying hidden needs and values which would become more relevant in the years to come, says Juan Costa –  Former Minister with the Government of Spain, currently the Global leader of climate change and sustainability services at EY.

Funding and regulatory framework: Imperatives for tackling climate change

Juan Costa Climent,  Global Leader for Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) in conversation with Subhayan Chakraborty, Business Standard, on how businesses are increasingly looking at sustainable practices as a lucrative opportunity and why the upcoming international summit on climate change, COP21 in Paris, later this year is crucial.

Redefining the role of CSO

Do you think the role of the CSO is no longer restricted to planning, in which case is there a risk of ambiguity/dilution of his responsibilities?   In today’s blog post Guru Malladi, Partner, Advisory Services, EY India, highlights the evolution of the CSO  to a CSIO and its importance in modern organizations.