Center of Excellence and robust governance: Mantra for successful RPA adoption

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), one of the most talked about disruptive technologies today, involves the use of software ‘bots’ that are easy to configure, require minimal to no code and can be quickly ‘trained’ and deployed, scaled to automate manual tasks. Their adoption is on a rise across all business functions providing them access to relevant processes and sensitive information.

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Compliance, certification key to healthcare data security

Compliance with a healthcare-specific data security framework reduces cyber risks, while certification establishes trust between players.

Cybercrime against the healthcare industry is rampant. During last year’s largest single data breach, the records of 79 million clients were stolen from a US health insurer. The current year saw many incidents as well, including a large number of high-profile ransomware attacks, with hospitals being targeted for payments in bitcoins. Why are there so many cyber attacks in the sector and what can be done to improve security and trust?.

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Development of the Cloud ecosystem: Trust is the essence

Cloud adoption is on a rise

Over the last few years, cloud computing has emerged as one of the most defining secular trends and its effects are beginning to be felt across various industries. Organizations are using the cloud technology to increase operational efficiency, improve collaboration and gain competitive edge by delivering differentiated services. The shift to cloud helps organizations in achieving business agility enabling them to be more responsive in the rapidly changing market.

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Cybersecurity- What are you doing about it?

A successful cyber-attack can impact shareholder value, tarnish the brand and reputation, expose the company to litigation, result in loss of competitive advantage, reveal regulatory or legal non-compliance, and result in steep financial consequences in billions of dollars.

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