Need for a ‘cost-neutral’ agenda: The New Companies Act

Companies Act ImageIn an ever intriguing debate on how much impact the New Companies Act has on the business leaders, the conservatives also agree on the need to have an increased level of diligence by the Boards/ CEOs to effectively discharge an array of direct responsibility that the act has imposed on them.

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Hospitals 2020: a paradigm shift in the modus operandi


The proliferation of internet and data analytics is changing the dynamics of patient-hospital interaction. People are now playing a commanding role in deciding the service type and delivery. As a result, hospitals need to be more patient-centric and service oriented.

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Co-creation: paving the way for a collaborative future

Organizations nowadays are grappling with the increasingly growing consumer base and their needs. In such a scenario, directly engaging with the customers is proving to be highly resourceful. In today’s blog post read how co-creation models are gaining prime importance and paving a way for a collaborative future.

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Why go digital?

Digital can provide the mass marketing effect of television, the personal connect of a door-to-door salesman and the responsiveness of a front office. It is much more than just technology as it has the power to transform customer experiences, establish demand for products and services, and enable collaboration. In this blog post read about how continuous innovation and digital explosion can help create quality business models and offer better experiences. Continue reading